Ginger Oil (aromatherapy)

Ginger Oil is a pale yellow to light amber- colored mobile liquid. Its viscosity increases upon ageing or exposure to air (resinification). The odor is warm, but fresh-woody, spicy and with a peculiar resemblance to orange, lemon, lemon- grass, coriander seed oil, etc. in the initial, fresh topnotes. The sweet and heavy undertone is tenacious, sweet and rich, almost balsamicfloral. African ginger oil is generally darker in color and presents a more fatty sweetness. The freshness is not pronounced nor is it very characteristic of that type ginger oil. It is, however, extremely rich and tenacious. Jamaican ginger oil is usually very pale in color, mobile like a pine needle oil, and with a pronounced odor-freshness of lemon- orange-coriander-like character. The body is sweet but not balsamic, the tenacity is only moderate.
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