Parsley Seed Oil (aromatherapy)

Parsley seed oil is a yellowish to amber-colored or brownish liquid, more or less viscous. Upon cooling, it may deposit crystals of Apiole, chemically a methoxy-myristicin. The oil also contains myristicin, and is considered toxic by many authorities, with approximately twice the hazard of materials such as coumarin. However, parsley seed, nutmeg and many other myristicin-containing natural materials are still widely used in food. The odor of Parsley Seed Oil is warm-woody, spicy, somewhat sweet-herbaceous but, in the author’s opinion, not at all reminiscent of parsley herb (as described elsewhere in the literature). Its flavor is equally warm-spicy, aromatic, rich and deep, but unfortunately quite bitter. Thus,
Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin (p. 588). 

petroselinum crispum