Ylang Ylang Oil (aromatherapy)

Ylang-Ylang Oil has been called “the poor man’s jasmin”, a nickname which the author strongly resents. He would rather call it “everybody’s ylang-ylang”. A good ylang-ylang oil need not be compared to any other perfume oil. It is so unusual in itself, so simple and yet so complex of odor, so generally popular a fragrance, that it easily finds its own place in perfumery, not merely as a replacement for jasmin, but as an improvement to almost any type of floral fragrance. However, one might say that the essential oil is poorer than the absolute of ylang-ylang from a viewpoint of floral fineness and magnificence.
Ylang-Ylang Extra is a pale yellow oil with a very powerful, floral and intensely sweet odor and a cresylic and benzoate-like topnote of limited tenacity. The fadeout is more pleasant, soft and sweet, slightly spicy and balsamic-floral. A high- grade “extra” oil resembles the absolute of ylang-ylang in odor type very closely. The former is, however, often more sharp-cresylic in its topnote. A peculiar creamy-sweet note is characteristic of good “extra” oils; this note appears very early in the evaporation,
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