Ambrette Seed Essential Oil CAS 8015-62-1

Liquid Ambrette Seed Oil should be allowed to age for several months before being used in perfumes or flavors. By then, the initial fatty notes are subdued, and a rich, sweet, floralmusky, distinctly wine-like or brandy-like odor is developed with a bouquet and roundness rarely found in any other perfume material. The odor has some notes in common with cypress oil, Bulgarian rose oil, sage clary and cognac oil. There are certain tobacco-like and “overripe fruit”-like notes with great similarity to higher esters of decyl alcohol.

The water-white or pale yellow oil displays a tenacity of odor which is almost incredible. As a flavor material, it also displays features which are quite unique. A suggested use level would be 0.10 to 0.30 mg%, while the Minimum Perceptible is about 0.01 to 0.04 mg%. One part of Ambrette Seed Oil in ten million parts of neutral sweetened fluid is distinctly recognizable to the taste. The odor of these dilutions remains very characteristic of ambrette seed oil.
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