Bergamot Essential Oil CAS 8007-75-8

Bergamot Oil is a green or olive green, mobile liquid of extremely rich, sweet-fruity initial odor. Although the characteristics of this topnote remain perceptible in good oils, it is followed by a still more characteristic oily-herbaceous and somewhat balsamic body and dryout. The sweetness yields to a more tobacco like and rich note, somewhat reminiscent of sage clary and neryl acetate. The freshness in the topnote is mainly due to terpenes and small amounts of citral and aliphatic aldehydes. Absence of the “oily” note is one of the most revealing features in poor or adulterated bergamot oils. The color of bergamot oil fades on ageing, particularly when the oil is exposed to daylight. The oil turns yellow or pale olive-brown. The color is also dependent upon the maturity of the fruit at the moment of expressing.

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