Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil CAS 8015-91-6

Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a yellow to brownish- yellow oil of warm-spicy, but rather harsh odor, lacking the rich body of the bark oil. It has some resemblance to the odor of clove leaf oil and clove stem oil. The flavor is somewhat bitter, slightly pungent, irritant-burning, but very spicy and powerful.

The oil is used in perfumery for its spicy notes and its warm and woody-Oriental type. In the chemical industry, it is used for the isolation of eugenol (from which again vanillin and other derivatives are produced), and in flavors, as a modifier in spice blends, as a “warm” note in certain fruit essences, e.g. cherry, raspberry and prune, in chocolate and liqueur flavors, in soft drinks and candy, etc. It blends well with benzaldehyde, anisaldehyde, anisalcohol, vanillin, ethylvanillin (so-called), peppermint oil, nonanolide and undecanolide, many glycidates, ionones (and ionone-glycidates), cinnamic alcohol, etc.
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