Clove Essential Oil CAS 8000-34-8

Trace amounts of lower aliphatic ketones lend this oil a peculiar fruity-fresh topnote, and a touch of an acetic odor makes it quite refreshing and distinctly different from clove stem oil which may even have the same content of “total eugenol”. The acetic note could very well derive from traces of acetic acid, produced from the aceteugenol which even in a gentle water distillation hydrolyzes to some degree. The eugenol note in a good clove bud oil is distinctly subdued, sweetened and freshened by the presence of the above mentioned materials in the bud oil. Clove Bud Oil is used frequently in perfumery for its sweet-spicy note, but the largest part of all clove bud oil by far is used in flavor work.
Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin (p. 213).