Guaiacwood Essential Oil CAS 8016-23-7

Guaiacwood Oil is a soft or semi-solid mass, yellowish to greenish yellow or pale amber in color. When melted, it may stay supercooled and liquid for a long time. Once again, we meet a product which quite frequently presents odor types not reported in literature: apart from its delicately sweet, rosy-woody odor which is often referred to as “tearose-like”, the oil may have a “smoked ham” odor which is definitely unwanted, but not uncommon. It is conceivable that this odor, which was never reported prior to World War II, occurs in oils which have been “forced” during the distillation through the addition of mineral acid (sulfuric, etc.) to the chopped, wet wood in the still.
Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin