Lime Distilled Essential Oil CAS 8008-26-2

Distilled Lime Oil is a pale yellow or almost water-white mobile liquid of sharp, fresh, terpenelike, somewhat perfumery-fruity citrus-type odor. The oil is very volatile (poor tenacity), but shows increasing sweetness on drying out, the notes becoming more orangelike, less lemon-like.

[..] the general impression is that the odor of this oil is very reminiscent of the odor of fresh limes when they are halved and squeezed. In the author’s opinion, however, the odor of distilled lime oil is considerably more “paint-can- like” or harshterpeney than that of the scratched peel of a green lime fruit. But when a halved lime fruit is squeezed in the preparation of limeade, the very acid juice is flavored with squirts from the peel; this mixture of acid juice and peel oil has a flavor very different from that of the oil alone.

Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin