Litsea Cubeb Essential Oil CAS 68855-99-2

Oil of Litsea Cubeba is a pale yellow, mobile oil of intensely lemon-like, fresh and sweet odor, with a soft and sweet-fruity, uniform dryout. There are few or no “fatty-grassy” methyl heptenone notes detectable. This is where the oil of litsea cubeba has a definite advantage over lemon- grass oil. The citral contents of the two oils are almost equal. However, lemongrass oil has a superior odor-tenacity due to its “heavy” sesquiterpene-part, with a toneout of sweet and moderately pleasant notes. Furthermore, the oil of Litsea Cubeba has also a pleasant taste, and a rectified oil could be used in flavor work as a modifier for lemon and lime flavors, and as a general freshener in fruit flavors.

Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin