Patchouli Essential Oil CAS 84238-39-1

Patchouli Oil (native distilled) is a dark orange or brownish-colored, viscous liquid, possessing an extremely rich, sweet-herbaceous, aromatic- spicy and woody-balsamic odor. An almost wine- like, ethereal-floral sweetness in the initial notes is characteristic of good oils although this topnote can be absent or masked in freshly distilled, otherwise good oils. The odor should remain sweet through all stages of evaporation. Patchouli oil will remain perceptible on a perfume blotter for weeks or months, and the sweetness is almost sickening in high concentration. Dry or tarlike notes should not be perceptible throughout the first hours of study of the oil on a blotter, and cade-like, dry cedarwoodlike odor which may appear in the topnote should rapidly vanish and give way to the rich sweetness.
Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin