Styrax Essential Oil CAS 8046-19-3

True steam distilled styrax oil is a pale yellow to almost water-white, viscous liquid with an odor that is very rich, balsamic-sweet, floral and somewhat spicy, reminiscent of lilac, hyacinth, etc. although it has a distinct topnote of hydrocarbon character, unpleasant and actually not wanted. The topnote can be disposed of by leaving out the “heads” of the steam distillate but, on the other hand, many customers expect this styrene note and it also mellows in to a great extent after some time. Styrax Oil can be considered a neutral (non-acidic) concentrate of styrax balsam. It has all the floral-balsamic notes of the balsam, but none of the drawbacks from acids, water or color. It is clearly soluble in alcohol and all common perfume materials, and its comparatively low cost makes it one of the most interesting perfume materials.

Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin