Teatree Essential Oil CAS 68647-73-4

Oil of Melaleuca Alternifolia is a pale yellowish- green or almost water-white mobile liquid of a warm-spicy, aromatic-terpenic odor, reminiscent of nutmeg, cardamom and sweet marjoram, but with a strong emphasis on the terpinene- and terpinenol-notes (odor of the foreruns from rectification of synthetic terpineol). The flavor is warm- aromatic, somewhat burning, spicy and yet fresh, faintly camphoraceous, slightly bitter. The oil has served as an antiseptic for many decades, but only recently has it been proven scientifically, that the oil really possesses an outstanding germ-killing effect and high penetration power.

Arctander, Steffen . Perfume and Flavor Materials of Natural Origin 

melaleuca alternifolia