Valerian Root Essential Oil CAS 8008-88-6

The steam distilled Valerian Oil is an olive-green to olive-brown coloured liquid of a warm woody, balsamic-root like odour with a distinct animal undertone of musk-like character and great tenacity. A fresh-green, slightly camphoraceous top-note is also typical in the odour of a good oil.
Valerian Oil can be used in perfumery for its musky-woody, balsamic notes which give interesting effects in combination with patchouli, costus, oakmoss, cypriol, etc. in modern chypre variations, and it blends well with all pine materials, lavenders, methyl ionones, cedarwood derivatives, mandarin petitgrain oil, nopyl acetate, quinoline derivatives, isocyclo citral, etc.
the oil is occasionally used for tobacco flavouring and in combination with hop or lupulin flavour extracts in beer.

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