Review of Augustus Perfumery Bases and Specialities

Over the years Augustus has built a comprehensive portfolio of bases and specialities.  Collectively labelled as Augaflors, these offer consistent, cost-conscious substitutes or reconstitutions of a variety of natural complex and often rare perfumery raw materials.  Augustus bases support the fragrance creator requiring interest, substantivity, cost efficiency and regulatory compliant materials. They can provide a building block or note modifier and become a key and reliable component of many compounds

Civet Augaflor is a typical example, described as a

“Strong, long-lasting civet-like Augaflor, unmistakably animal with a woody background.  A good economical reproduction of the rare original and possesses good fixative properties.   May be used to advantage in toiletries where the price or availability of the natural material precludes use.”

At the other side of the wheel, Helichrysum Augaflor is a

“Sweet honey-like base with a delicate tea undertone, reminiscent of the flower.   A wonderful sweetener giving fragrances a very real lift.”

Bases can be used as a building block for fragrances.  Why try to re-invent the wheel?

The complete list and characteristics of Augaflors can be found here